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Advanced Restoration Services’ active water damage “project board” jumped from a typical 3 to 5 jobs a week to 54 jobs due to widespread hail and high winds

BEDFORD, IOWA — Responding to calls after a series of August 18, 2011 thunderstorms ravaged Southwest Iowa and Northwest Missouri, the active “project board” at Advanced Restoration Services, LLC (ARS) — just for the ARS Water Damage Restoration Division alone — grew 18-fold from a typical 3-5 projects a week to 54 jobs almost overnight. ARS is now engaged to handle water extraction and cleanup — and is working with professional roofing, siding and window contractors — on numerous homes and buildings in Taylor County, IA, Page County, IA, and Nodaway County, MO.

“The devastation due to these storms has just been incredible,” says Rob Villars, ARS President. “I’ve never responded to so many phone calls in so short a time in the 10 years that I’ve been in the business.”

In the past two weeks, Villars says he and company officials have taken hundreds of calls from homeowners, local insurance agents and adjusters for property evaluations and has assisted in the water extraction of over 50 buildings and homes. To handle the increased volume of work, Villars says crews have worked double shifts and weekend shifts, and he has hired an additional seven people to fill technician positions. Anticipating more claims, Villars plans to continue taking job applications.

Besides generating high winds, the thunderstorms that pummeled the area on Thursday, August 18 produced hail ranging from pea size to golf ball size in Taylor County and baseball size in parts of eastern Page County. Nodaway County experienced marble-sized hail and winds up to 75 mph. The storms left a trail of damage that included downed power lines, broken windows, damaged siding, torn off roofs and more. Some buildings reportedly were blown off their foundations. An estimated 80 percent of Maryville’s homes sustained some sort of damage.

Large hailstones can cause extreme damage, including denting metal, splitting wood, breaking glass and stripping asphalt shingles of their protective granular coatings. Residents and business owners seeking hail damage repair should rely on professional evaluation from adjusters and restoration experts in order to receive proper repair and restoration.

ARS storm damage restoration services include remodeling and reconstruction, high-capacity residential and commercial washers and dryers, drying chambers and deodorization chambers.

“The after-effects of this storm will be felt for weeks, maybe even months,” says Villars. “We’re beefing up our equipment and manpower in order to respond.”

About Advanced Restoration Services

Winner of the 2011 Main Street Iowa “Best Business Success Story” Award, Advanced Restoration Services, LLC, Bedford, IA (, is a full-service, family-owned restoration company certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Serving customers in Southwest Iowa and Northwest Missouri, ARS offers everything from basic cleanup service to complete A-to-Z cleanup, storage and reconstruction. A proud member of eight leading cleaning and restoration organizations, ARS abides by the IICRC Code of Ethics and provides ongoing education and training leading to certification for all of its technicians.

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August 2011 Hail Damage

August 2011 Hail Damage Closeup

Hail-damaged siding, the result of August 18 storms, allowed rain showers to soak interior walls and insulation. The restoration work calls for special drying equipment and proper techniques besides installing new siding. (300 dpi image 1, 300 dpi image 2)

Courtesy: Advanced Restoration Services

August 2011 Water Damage in Attic

Rain water from the August 18 storms penetrated many roofs, saturating attic insulation and ceiling drywall as shown here. Proper repair involves placing special drying equipment right in the attic space. (300 dpi image)

Courtesy: Advanced Restoration Services