What Is It Like to Work With a Restoration Services Company?

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Recently, the Clement Family of New Market, Iowa, experienced a house fire that caused extensive fire, smoke and water damage. Some of the items damaged where an antique dining room buffet and photo albums containing precious memories.

Could their home and precious possessions be restored?

Happily, the answer is yes. (See before and after photos at right. More photos in the full case history.)

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The repair work was extensive. We gutted the entire house, replaced all the electrical and ‘thermo fogged’ everywhere. In our shop, we ‘ozoned’ and hand cleaned many of the Clement’s possessions.

Thermo fogging and ozone cleaning break down and remove the odors from smoke-damaged objects.

Here are homeowner Brian Clement’s thoughts on the fire restoration process:

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“They made sure we got what we wanted.”

“It all fell boom-boom right into place.”

“I never felt out of the loop.”

Find out all the work involved in this fire restoration by reading the full case history.