Radon: Act Today to Protect Your Family

Radon is a popular topic in the area. In fact, Iowa and Missouri have some of the highest radon-rate zones in the country. (See our related article here in Advanced Spotlight.) Advanced Restoration Services regularly receives calls from persons in the community who ask about radon testing. Since January is National Radon Action Month, we […]

Radon Tests High in the Region

While the EPA recommends that all homes be tested for radon gas regardless of location, some areas have a higher potential for radon screening than others. Iowa (see map above) is one of those areas. Several counties in northwest Missouri and eastern Nebraska also have a high potential for radon gas. See the related article […]

5 Winter Travel Survival Tips

Midwest winters can be harsh, and storms can quickly drop inches of snow. If you get trapped in your car, a few items could save your life. You’ll need a kit: candles, clothing, a flashlight, dried fruit and water and batteries. Keep items in a plastic bin with a top. Stranded in a Storm? Provide heat. […]

Seven Tips for Rebuilding Soon after a Disaster

Have you been ravaged by flooding after a river exceeded its banks? Did a thunderstorm release flash floods where you live and work? Did levees surrounding your town give way? If so, you’ll want to begin repairing and rebuilding your property quickly. But to begin, you need to file a claim. Filing correctly, the Insurance […]

How to Protect Yourself Against Contractor Fraud

When a natural disaster, like a tornado or flood, causes damage to your home naturally you want to get it repaired quickly. But, if not careful, you could fall victim to an unscrupulous contractor looking to profit from your loss. Of course, most businesses offering help are legitimate. How can you protect yourself from those […]

Ready for an Emergency? Get a ‘Go Bag.’

In August 2011, the area experienced a series of vicious thunderstorms with high-velocity winds, heavy rain and hail that leveled crops, broke windows and caused severe damage to houses and other structures from Omaha’s Eppley Airfield to Maryville, MO. “In College Springs, the chain saws started buzzing at daybreak Friday, and they were still going […]