Do Insurance Policies Cover Water Damage?

It’s the $10,000, $50,000, $75,000 question: “Am I covered?” Southwest Iowa and Northwest Missouri have seen powerful storms and devastating floods in recent years. And, there’s always the potential for a broken water pipe during sub-zero, winter weather. Nature of the emergency Will your insurance policy cover water damage cleanup, restoration and replacements? It depends […]

What is Meant by Water Damage?

A variety of mishaps could lead to water pooling in your home. I’m often asked by homeowners and by insurance agents whether water spills and pools should be cleaned up by homeowners or by a qualified water damage restoration services company. My answer is Yes, if the water discharge amounts to a Category 2 or […]

Plumbing Survival Tips

With extra guests in the home and big family meals, December is a busy month for most home plumbing systems. Last year, ABC’s “Good Morning America” interviewed an expert who provided these plumbing tips: For the kitchen: Don’t pour cooking oils and fat down the drain. Don’t put stringy or fibrous material such as potato […]

7 Things to Do During a Flood

All of us at ARS are watching Hamburg, Iowa, which is part of our service area, with concern. The swollen Missouri River threatens to inundate Hamburg due to a faltering levee nearby. The Associated Press says about half of Hamburg’s roughly 1,100 residents were ordered on Sunday 6/5 to leave their homes within 24 hours. The evacuation […]

Is Your Sump Pump Still Working?

April showers bring May flowers — and sometimes flooded basements. Yes, a stormy spring can mean standing water if the sump pump breaks. The kids can be culprits if they unplug the pump while playing. But, keeping track of it is still up to you: Find your sump pump in the lowest point of your […]